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single camera or multi-camera

Single Camera vs. Multi-Camera for a New Director

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“I’m about to shoot a marketing video for my company. It’s just two people talking to each other in the office.

I want the rhythm of the dialogue to be pretty fast, so I’m wondering if I should do it with one or two cameras. I’m mostly worried about editing dialogue together with multiple angles coming from different takes since the dialogue is very fast and often has people talking over and interrupting each other.

–Shania, New York”

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documentaries need story

Getting from Idea to Documentary

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“I’m making a short documentary for my college doc course. My idea is to document my thought process while experimenting with sound design. The documentary would end with me having created a new and out-of-the-box piece of music.

Two questions:

What makes a documentary valid? I’m afraid my idea could be perceived as a random youtube video about music production.

Does my documentary need to have a message?


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disapproving parents from "That 70s Show"

I Want a Film Career. My Parents say No.

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“I’m 18 and second year in junior college. I live in a town where there aren’t many opportunities for indie filmmaking or related jobs. I am financially dependent on my parents and they think filmmaking is pie in the sky, and they discourage it. I’ve written short stories and scripts for years, and dreamed of being a director and screenwriter. Recently, I also started branching into cinematography, video editing and color grading.

Are my parents right? Where do I start?

–TD, Colorado”

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Video committees

The Dreaded Video Committee

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Reader SARAH asks: “I work in-house for law enforcement and was given a pretty big video to shoot that explains what our Probation Department does. The video committee decided that it’d be “funny” to start the video off with “here’s what you think Probation is” showing our staff being aggressive, dismissive, and generally dicks to clients.

I might be crazy, but I think it’s not funny, and it won’t do what they want it to do. How do I fix this?”

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