For years I’ve been getting emails asking when I would make How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck into a video course. Which I resisted, mostly because it’s a lot of work. I figured I wrote the book, right? My job was done.

But as video became even more popular, I noticed that most of the information about it on the internet was about equipment, or SEO, or jacking the YouTube/Facebook/TikTok algorithm– or bot-created “listicles” that were just plain wrong. There wasn’t– and still isn’t– much on how to shoot interesting, intriguing, audience-focused video.

I also heard from people who explained that they don’t learn best from a book. Who really wanted to see some of the ideas in action. Like, you know, on video. So when a production window presented itself this year, I went for it.

But with the dedicated help of some 40 other people, I’ve been working on this project since March, writing, and refining, and budgeting and planning, shooting and editing. 

You would think adapting your own book into two and a half hours of video would be easier than, say, writing a feature film script. But it isn’t. Especially if you’re writing a course on how to shoot great video—because you know if you screw something up in YOUR video, you’re going to hear about it.

But we made it. As all videographers know, creating is a huge pain. But having created is the best thing in the world. Now I get to send the course out into the universe and talk about it on podcasts.

It’s called How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck: The Video Course.

It’s filled with lessons from what, to my continued surprise, is the world’s best-selling how-to video book. It also has a whole bunch of ideas I’ve thought about since writing the book, so even if you’ve got that memorized there’s still a lot that’s new.

This is NOT a course about SEO, likes, lenses, pixels or algorithms. It’s a course about how to think about how to shoot. It’s for anyone who wants to shoot video for other people to watch—from parents of cute kids, to video marketers, to budding directors, to journalists, organizations and wedding photographers. 

It features 22 lessons, hundreds of tips and a whole bunch of exercises. Try one lesson and your video will improve instantly. Try them all, and you’ll be shooting great video that people will WANT to watch. 

Check out the course preview, watch a free lesson, and start making your videos better today!

And for a limited time, just for trying  the course we’ll send you a free Kindle copy of How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, a book Steven Pressfield called “Two years of Film School in 248 pages”. Even if you return the course, the book is yours to keep. 

I really hope you like it—and that you’ll let me know. If you have questions or comments, drop them here or on the course page.

And thanks for checking it out!

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Get a free preview of the new video course!

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