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Great Video on no Budget: It’s all in the Brains

By Apr 30, 20122 Comments

Next time you get the question “how can we possibly do anything good with no budget?” pull out this video.

This is a well-shot video, don’t get me wrong.  But it involves three characters, inexpensive production on what looks like a found warehouse set, and cheap effects– on purpose. For all we can know from looking at it, it was shot on an iPhone.  What makes it a great, effective, and very funny video is the human brainpower that went into thinking about it ahead of time.

Great writing, a clear story and a great performance from the lead character.  Awesome.


  • adamg says:

    So, the lighting and even camera smoothness was cheap to set up. Great !

  • Brian says:

    Agreed! This was really nice to see…they planned out their shots and tied it all together. Great sound too! :) and the main guy did do an excellent job too. Gotta love good talent! Thanks for sharing this. Inspiring!

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