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How to Do Great Talking Head Videos

Do you have an example of a great talking head video with no external b-roll?

And not a choddy, or multiple talking heads edited into one video. But a true, single person, talking head video– that’s interesting?

Not all businesses can afford big production companies. Any ideas?


Excellent question, Jaye*, but to answer it, I need to start by questioning your premise:

You imply that there aren’t more great talking head videos because of a shortage of money.  But the truth is that the reason there aren’t more of them is because of a shortage of talent.

Unfortunately, not everyone is interesting on camera. But a great talking head video has to start with a great talking head.

The web is loaded with examples, but I’ll name two:  Philip DeFranco, a Youtube star I’ve already written about, and Daily Grace from my friends at

Both sit at the same webcam that comes free with their laptop.  Their big-production-company production values? A  couple of Ikea lamps. What they have instead are distinct on-camera personae that appeal strongly to their audiences. They have talent and commitment that make us like watching them on screen.

You can’t make great talking head videos without talent in front of the lens.  Forget production values and budget.  Okay, don’t forget them.  Just put them aside until you’ve answered this question:  Who in your company might be truly entertaining for your audience?  If the answer is “Ummmm…..” followed by dead silence, consider either hiring someone great or doing a different style of video.


*Are you wondering what a “choddy” is?  Thanks Jaye for not one but TWO great questions in the same email!  What’s your question about video?  Perhaps you should ask it.

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  • adamg says:

    Toastmasters seems to help create great speakers. when they get comfortable, write up cue cards…also try local live Community Theaters for actors..

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