Don’t Start Your Video Marketing Conversation with SEO

video marketing does not equal data managementGoogle “video marketing” and you’ll get—as of this writing—2.63 BILLION hits. That’s way more than Kim Kardashian (266 million), weed (382 million), Donald Trump (1.4 billion) and, surprisingly, porn (also 1.4 billion).

Books, articles and videos (and more videos) offer you “21 Video Marketing Tools” or “5 Super Secrets” or “8 super-successful tips” every video marketer should know, all of which revolve around data manipulation: jacking your view count, tracking prospects, a/b headline testing, the latest changes to the YouTube algorithm, and reams and reams on Search Engine Optimization schemes.

Scrolling through this mass of information, you could be forgiven … Read the rest

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Audience Focused Video

Hey Steve,

I’m a brand new Realtor in a small coastal town in Florida. Understanding that more and more people are viewing video as opposed to reading a bunch of stuff on line, and with a very limited budget, I bought a Kodak Playtouch camcorder to make videos that are entertaining (if not somewhat funny) to gain interest in my town and my inventory.

But from there I’m completely lost– Do you have a road map of what to do next?


Good job realizing (a) that people like getting their information on video and (b) that if it isn’t … Read the rest

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Welcome to the Entertainment Industry

Since I started working on the book, I’ve been checking the Youtube top 100 videos list semi-regularly. Turns out that close to 85% of the videos that score big are made by pros. Of the remaining 15%, a few– maybe 5% are jokes– videos that look like porn but aren’t, for example.  Another 5% are at least “semi-pro”—produced by people with some experience. That leaves about 5% for piano playing cats and kids who bite other kids fingers.

Amateurs are being squeezed out of web viewing as the web grows up. Video is big money now. Professional TV and … Read the rest

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20% Of Online Video Viewers Give Up After 10 Seconds

“20% Of Online Video Viewers Give Up After 10 Seconds”

That was the headline on a “chart of the day’ from

While this figure is shocking and undoubtedly true, a look at the “average” video en masse is not particularly useful.  Video quality distribution has to be some sort of bell curve.  The variables are a) Quality of the video and b) how well the video targets a given population.

There are some videos that people tune out of in 3 seconds, at the other end of the bell curve that they don’t tune out of at all.  … Read the rest

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Shoot Video that You Love (p. 26)

From How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, Page 26:

Brandon Hardesty ( has made a YouTube career reenacting scenes from movies in his basement, with Brandon playing all the parts.  He’s not joking– he performs with passion, giving it everything he’s got—and he’s a good actor.

As odd an idea as it is, it works.   Brandon started as an anonymous guy in a small town, and now draws millions of viewers, has an agent and lives in LA.  Why it works is worth thinking about.

The videos are obviously well rehearsed.  The shots are planned … Read the rest

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