From How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, Page 26:

Brandon Hardesty (www.brandonhardesty.com) has made a YouTube career reenacting scenes from movies in his basement, with Brandon playing all the parts.  He’s not joking– he performs with passion, giving it everything he’s got—and he’s a good actor.

As odd an idea as it is, it works.   Brandon started as an anonymous guy in a small town, and now draws millions of viewers, has an agent and lives in LA.  Why it works is worth thinking about.

The videos are obviously well rehearsed.  The shots are planned carefully to match the movie.  The interesting question is why do them?  Why would someone do all this careful work to copy scenes from movies? What first inspired him to try? Why shoot them in his basement? What’s that about?

I think it’s about commitment and passion.  Brandon’s passion and commitment to the reenactments draw us to him, but it doesn’t matter what it is—we’d be just as interested in a documentary on the world’s biggest ball of string or to watch Morgan Spurlock eat McDonald’s’ every day for a month. We are attracted to others who care deeply about something and share it with us.

The lesson:  Shoot video that you love.

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