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Do you need to live in Hollywood to have a film career?

Can I have a career in film without moving?

Q: Do I have to move to have a film production career? And if so, where to?

A: Yes, if you want a film career and live in an area without a film industry, moving is necessary to be where the action is. The major hub for the film industry is Los Angeles...

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checklist, not shot list

Help! I Need an On-Set Checklist!

Q: Is there a checklist or cheat sheet you go over before you start shooting to make sure production goes smoothly?

A: Yes, in addition to a shot list, it's helpful to create a personal checklist that covers important aspects beyond camera placement. This "Not-The-Shot-List" checklist can include items like on-set safety...

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Should you watch movies? Yes.

Do I have to Watch Movies to Learn Video?

Q: I like videos but find movies incredibly boring. Is there another way to get better at making videos?

A: While movies serve as a foundation for understanding film language, there are alternative ways to enhance your video-making skills. Start by choosing highly engaging and popular films that are unlikely to bore you...

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