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Steve Stockman teaches video from a director's point of view. That means, no long list of tech specs and what camera to buy etc. That's all moot if you don't understand how to tell a story.

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How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck

How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck

The world is drowning in video, and most of it sucks. Even though almost everyone carries a video device 24/7, almost nobody knows how to use it well.

This book teaches you how to shoot video that people will actually want to watch. This isn’t a technical book. You won’t find anything about HD vs. 4k, or which editing program to buy. Instead, it’s about how to think like a director so that your video does what you want it to do.

Reader Reviews

"This is an excellent, easy to read, non technical guide to getting it right when starting out making your own videos, whether for your own private consumption, YouTube or even corporate presentations."

Amazon Reviewer

"No book I have ever read or course I have taken has ever educated so thoroughly, concisely, and simply as this one. [...] it tells you how to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way which will be effective and entertaining."

Amazon Reviewer

"Not full of technical explanations and jargon but instead plenty of useful practical advice. It's an easy read and each chapter contains useful stuff."

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