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nature video

Can a nature video tell a story?

Q: Can I improve my nature video with a story?

A: Many have tried to turn scenery into a story. But scenery videos, even stunning drone videos, just don't pull us in like a story does. Heroes take journeys. The Grand Canyon, as majestic and awe-inspiring as it is, is exactly the same canyon every day for millennia before and millenia to come. It’s not an exciting character. Luckily you’re not the first to ask this question. And nature is much more than scenery Filmmakers have been figuring out to tell nature stories for as long as there have been moving pictures. Here's how:

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Barbie and Oppenheimer finding your hero

Finding the Hero of Your Story

Q: " I get that a good video should have a story, and that finding the hero is key. But when I shoot video of my buddies during our bicycle rides, the camera is fixed on the bike facing front or back. Who is the hero? How can I make a video that doesn't suck?" --Carlo

A: The “Hero” of any video is the person the story is about. Oppenheimer is about, well, Oppenheimer. And Barbie is about our favorite plastic heroine. So “who is the hero” is a pretty important question. And here’s a way to answer it: If your video was a movie, whose name do you want to see on the title? Here's how to find the hero:

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Do you need to live in Hollywood to have a film career?

Can I have a career in film without moving?

Q: Do I have to move to have a film production career? And if so, where to?

A: Yes, if you want a film career and live in an area without a film industry, moving is necessary to be where the action is. The major hub for the film industry is Los Angeles...

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