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Video Journey to Another Brain

By Apr 10, 2011February 27th, 2014Leave a comment

I’m a junkie for “different.”  Not a steady diet of weird, but an occasional jolt of something waaaayyy off beat.  A video journey, if you will.  Some of my favorite films are the ones that are so different from anything I can conceive of that I feel the total disorientation of thinking with someone else’s brain.

If the best film and video transports us, these shoot us into outer space, into worlds we didn’t even know existed.  I felt that way after seeing Star Wars for the first time, or the Matrix.  Or any Miyazaki movie (try Spirited Away) or even something (a little) more down-to-earth like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

For a three minute piece, this music video for Ramona Falls’ “I Say Fever” does a great job of taking your brain into orbit. Think the beginning is “unusual”?  Just wait.

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