Entertain or Die – My Talk at Gate 3.0

In the video world, it’s “Entertain or die”– if your video’s not good, it’s gone.  If you don’t entertain the audience, they won’t watch.  And if they don’t watch, what’s the point of doing the video at all?

That was my message at Gate 3.0 a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve posted the video of that talk online (in fact they’ve posted all 16 hours of the conference on line, but my part was only 15 minutes.) Gate stands for “Global Alliance for Transformation of Entertainment” and yes, it is as new-agey as it sounds. But it was a … Read the rest

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How to Use Story to Make Great Video


If you weren’t in New York last week, you missed a great Video Conference and Festival thrown by Vimeo.

Lots of great seminars and workshops at the sold-out event.  I spoke on Saturday– if you couldn’t make it, here are the cliff notes– plus a whole bunch of links for further reading on story:

How to Use Story:  10 Points from Steve Stockman’s Workshop @VIMEO Festival

June 9, 2012

1.  Entertain or Die:  Nobody watches bad video.  There are too many instantly available alternatives. Remember the Entertainment Transaction:  The audience pays (with time or money) the entertainment must … Read the rest

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