“Stockman has packed a veritable film school between the pages of this highly informative, yet entertaining book. Very highly recommended.”

Videomaker Magazine

“Great tips from a video expert.”

PC World

“The only thing missing is a time machine so I could go back and reshoot fifteen years of sucky birthday party and school play videos.”

David A. Goodman
Executive Producer/Head Writer of Family Guy and The Orville

“Like two years of film school in 248 pages.”

Steven Pressfield
Author of The War of Art and The Legend of Beggar Vance

“Whip-smart and funny. Teaches readers how to think about film and reveals the why and when behind techniques; there is next to zero tech or tool talk.”

Library Journal

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Lesson 1: the opposite of good is off


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The Opposite of Good is Off

Why bother shooting great video? Because nobody watches bad video. Which you know is true, because you won’t watch bad video either.

What You'll Need for this Course

Great video comes from the way you think, not from fancy toys. Why you need way less equipment to shoot great video than you think.

This is Your Brain on Video

This is Your Brain on Video

How audiences watch video—and why understanding your viewers is the first step on the road to creating video people will want to watch.

Part I: How to shoot

Think in Shots

Think In Shots

The “shot” is the smallest—and most important—unit of video. Here’s why all good film makers think in shots.

Think in Shots II: Video is About People

Think in Shots II—Video is about people

Humans are most interested in video about other humans. How to put people front and center, how to zoom with your feet, and why you don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.

Think In Shots III-Finding Your Shot

Think in Shots III—Finding Your Shot

How to focus your viewers’ attention on what you want them to see. Why static shots often move better than moving shots, and how to find shots that work for your video.

Everything You Need to Know About Lighting and Sound

Everything You Need to Know About Lighting and Sound in 5 Minutes. Unabridged

You may have seen information on the internet suggesting that lighting and sound are very complicated. And while as an art-form there’s a lot to them, you can learn the basics in just a few minutes. Which you will in this lesson.

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

Your location helps tell a story in your video. Your job is to make sure it’s the story you want to tell. Here’s how.

Always Shoot the Ones You Love

Always shoot the ones you love

There are two kinds of people in the world: The ones who are perfect for your video, and the ones who aren’t. Here’s how to shoot more of the former and less of the latter.

Everything You Need to Know (Right Now) About Editing

Everything you need to know (right now) about Editing

Editing 101—how what you leave out can make all the difference.

The Rubbermaid Rule

The Rubbermaid Rule

How long should my video be? Not as long as you think. Here’s how to figure it out.

Part II: What to shoot

Entertain or Die

Entertain or Die

Before a video can affect your audience, they have to actually watch it. Learn how what the audience wants should—and should not—change the way you shoot.

Intent - It's Where You're Going

INTENT: It’s where you’re going

We all shoot video for a reason. But a goal like “I want to sell my product” or “I want to go viral” isn’t going to help you make a great video. Here’s what will.

Know Your Story

Know your Story

“Story” is the buzzword of the decade. Let’s break it down into something simple, that will change the way you shoot video.

How to Storify Everything

How to Storify Everything

Adding even the tiniest of story makes your videos more watchable.

Fix It in Prepro - The Shotlist

Fix it in Prepro: The shotlist

Go from random to intentional by planning your videos the way the pros do—even if you only have 5 minutes to do it.

Make Marketing Videos Work

Making Marketing Videos Work

Marketing videos work when they give the audience something of real value. Here’s how to make your audience want to watch your marketing video.

How to Shoot Interesting Interviews

How to Shoot Interesting Interviews

Everyone uses interviews in marketing videos. They can be great in other videos too. But only if you know how to shoot good ones.

How to Shoot the Cutest Kids on Earth - Yours

How to shoot the cutest kids on earth: yours

We forget that our home videos have an audience—you and your relatives now, and your kids years from now. It’s worth a little extra work to make them great.

How to Shoot Vacation Videos that Won't Bore People to Death

What if you didn’t have to force people to watch your vacation video? What if they asked to watch them because they were so damned entertaining?

How to Shoot Holiday Video that Doesn't Suck

How to shoot Holiday Video that Doesn’t Suck

Every year, web sites, newspapers and magazines publish millions of lines of copy about cooking the perfect turkey, and no lines of copy about shooting the perfect holiday video. We’re here to fix that.

The Last Word

The Last Word

There’s no Official Board of Film Advice to tell you if your video is any good. So let’s talk about how to know.





Weekly tips and tricks to make your video better