How to create a viral video, guaranteed?  Two words:  Naked Celebrity.

If you have one, you’ve got a viral video.  If not, there’s no guarantee, and anyone who says different can’t be trusted.

“Viral” is not a kind of video—it’s a response by an audience.   To take a video viral, the audience has to be so excited by it that they urgently and quickly share it with everyone they know.

A Viral Video is, in other words, a hit.  And it’s no easier to make than it is to make a hit song, a hit television show, or a hit movie.  It takes skill, vision, artistry, marketing savvy and a huge amount of  luck.

So how do you create a viral video?

1)  Capture lightning in a bottle:  Accidentally shoot the next Charlie Bit My Finger and run with it.

2)  Hire a truly great creative team with a strong track record.  Hire  a skilled web PR firm to drive home whatever they create.

3)  Shoot as many great videos as you can.  Videos that really excite you. Post them, learning as you go.  Eventually you’ll develop a reputation and an audience.  If you’re lucky, you’ll come up with an idea that’s really spectacular, you’ll execute it well, and your audience will start sending the link around all by themselves.

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