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Don’t Shoot Video in Real Time

By Mar 28, 2011August 25th, 2015One Comment

One of the best arguments for shooting short shots in your videos:  If you run the camera non-stop, watching your video later will take the same amount of time as it did to shoot.  You’ll need an extra lifetime just to watch it all.

In ten years, will you want to look at all 90 minutes of your 6 year-old’s ballet recital?

Family videos are about memories.  Still photos capture them in a single frame.  Do you need a 90 minute video of anything?

When you shoot video, shoot short shots that capture the essence of the story.  You’ll love watching the 2 minute video later.


One Comment

  • Steven says:

    Great book, its principals are simple yet require work to follow. Thanks.

    I am surprised how often this is done and so hesitate to suggest to offenders that they try something new like 5 second shots to replace their 50 minute yawner shot. Sure I suggest the How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck book but do you have any suggestions to give ppl real time – to help them out?

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