From How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, Page 192:

To promote your product using video, you’ll want to intrigue a potential customer into learning more. Which means you’ll need a big idea and plenty of entertainment value. A great video grabs your attention even when you have no interest in buying the product.

Someone sent me a link to Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” videos, which have millions of hits each. I don’t watch them because I’m endlessly fascinated by blenders.  I watch because I’m endlessly fascinated by Blendtech’s slo-mo video of blenders pulverizing things they shouldn’t, like golf balls, iPads ,and bullets. Will these stunts influence my purchase decision next time I buy a blender?  I don’t know.  But I’m certainly aware of the brand now, and I wasn’t before.

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  • Tim says:

    I can answer this question directly. I was also a fan of their videos but when it came to buying a blender I went for a vitamix instead of a Blendtec. I did this becuase the vitamix's performance seemd to be much better. BUT I have no doubt that the crazy youtube videos did help Blendtec sell a lot more units and righlty so, the videos are awesome and a great example of viiral markeitng at its best!

    • steve says:

      My wife just bought a Vitamix too. And after scoffing at her for weeks as she went to product demos at Costco like a groupie, I have to admit that it’s the most amazing blender on the planet. Still like the Blentech videos, though I guess that’s proof that mere virality does not a sale make.

      • ajneal949 says:

        You are totally right. I was totally impressed by the Blendtec video, and I was so sceptical about the Vitamix because of the price. I mean, THAT much for a blender? But then I saw a "low-tech" video of a guy just comparing the two blenders in a straightforward, plain, DIY way, and then I decided the Vitamix wins. But I suppose most people aren't like me (or you, or Tim).

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