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Better Video with “How?”

By Oct 05, 2012August 20th, 2020Leave a comment

In every project,you’ll reach a point where something isn’t working. That’s when you need to ask “How?”

How might I show his fear? How might I make this funny? How might I shoot when there’s a car in the way? Learning to be flexible and brainstorming around these problems become core skills for great shooting.

Here are the steps to better video while stuck:

Stop shooting.  Make a list of at 5-10 different ways to do whatever you’re doing.  They have to be different than what you’re doing.  Don’t worry how good they are until you’ve thought of a real list.

Pick one and give it a shot.

Remember: The sun’s going down.  The event will be over soon.  The crew needs to be paid or fed.  In shooting video, time is never your friend.  If at first you don’t succeed, stop banging your head against the wall and try something different.

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