Whose Fault is it if the Talent Looks Bad? Yours.

Want to know a secret that professional directors know and don’t often share?  Of course you do.  Here it is:

85% of the director’s job is casting.  If you get the right person in front of the camera, your film will be great.  But get stuck with the wrong talent, and you are in deep trouble. (For those of you with math OCD issues: another 10%  is helping talent to do their job, and the last 5% is staying out of the way.)

Having the wrong talent on screen is a lose-lose proposition for everyone.  Your video will suck, … Read the rest

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How to Do Great Talking Head Videos

Do you have an example of a great talking head video with no external b-roll?

And not a choddy, or multiple talking heads edited into one video. But a true, single person, talking head video– that’s interesting?

Not all businesses can afford big production companies. Any ideas?


Excellent question, Jaye*, but to answer it, I need to start by questioning your premise:

You imply that there aren’t more great talking head videos because of a shortage of money.  But the truth is that the reason there aren’t more of them is because of a shortage of talent.

Unfortunately, … Read the rest

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