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Why Shoot Better Video?

By Mar 23, 2011December 29th, 2013Leave a comment

Why shoot better video?  A history lesson:

All technology starts in the “Gee Whiz” stage.  That’s where you get points just for having something that can do that…whatever it is.  The first working escalator was installed at Coney Island as a tourist attraction.  Yet today you hardly ever hear someone say, “Let’s go to the mall!  They have escalators!”

And once upon a time streaming video on the web was so amazing that people would watch anything. Sure, the video was amateurishly shot, and it was smeary and flash-y and didn’t look that great, but hey!  It was video!  And it was on the iPhone!  And you could get it on demand!

Times have changed.

As technological standards rise, as the “gee whiz” value of just getting video on a smartphone fades, the quality imperative takes over.  Now the question isn’t “Can I watch video on my phone?”, it’s “Is there anything good on?”  If you thought cable was a nightmare, welcome to the era of 100 million choices at your fingertips.

That means we ALL have to up our video game.  The video you shoot may not be ready for movie theaters, but it has to at least not push people away with bad sound, bad pictures or poor storytelling.  With one click your audience could be watching Family Guy.

It’s time to shoot better video.  Video that doesn’t suck.

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