20% Of Online Video Viewers Give Up After 10 Seconds

“20% Of Online Video Viewers Give Up After 10 Seconds”

That was the headline on a “chart of the day’ from Businessinsider.com.

While this figure is shocking and undoubtedly true, a look at the “average” video en masse is not particularly useful.  Video quality distribution has to be some sort of bell curve.  The variables are a) Quality of the video and b) how well the video targets a given population.

There are some videos that people tune out of in 3 seconds, at the other end of the bell curve that they don’t tune out of at all.  … Read the rest

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College and Job Application Videos: Singing Math (p. 171)

From How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, Page 171:

Application videos need to cover interesting topics, presented in unique ways. Doing a bad video is like misspelling the company name on your cover letter.  First, Do no harm.

Don’t duplicate what’s already on your resume.  The woman who applied to Tufts by videotaping dances she choreographed for her favorite math functions was both odd and funny.  I hear she got in:

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