10 Things Bloggers Need to Know about Video

Blogworld and New Media Expo rolls into the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-5 for an exciting weekend that I understand is being filmed for “Nerdy Introverts Gone Wild” on Spike.  Or maybe not.

If you’re a blogger interested in using more video, you might want to check out my session Friday November 4 at 3pm.  Not surprisingly, it’s called “How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck:  10 Things Bloggers Need to Know.”   Who knows, if I’m feeling really frisky, I may go to 11.  Or even 12!

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10 Things Book People Need to Know About Video

I spoke this past week in New York to the Publisher’s Advertising and Marketing Association. Great location (Random House on Broadway), great sandwiches (chicken and pesto on a great baguette) and lively discussion (scroll down here for coverage) about the need for publishers to upgrade their commitment to video as a promotional tool (read:  spend more time and money.)


We talked about 10 Things Book People Need to Know about Video, but since most of them apply to most businesses, I’m reprinting them here:

1. Entertain or Die:  Nobody watches bad video.  There are too … Read the rest

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