Great take on the “50 Ways” Exercise. Your Turn.

This video was my take on your “50 Ways to Shoot My Daughter Doing Homework” exercise. In addition to shooting from as many different angles as I could, I tried some of the other things I have been learning in your book: telling a little story, keeping the shots and the finished piece short, and editing to music. It was also my first attempt at shooting with a monopod and using Premiere to edit.

What do you think?


PS:  It would be great if you had a place like a facebook page or youtube channel for people

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Making Your Video Sound Great

Hi Steve!

I bought your book, How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck and this morning I shot my first video – a documentary of a local pancake breakfast. The finished product was 1:46 and includes 17 cuts. If I hadn’t read your book it would probably be a lot longer and much more boring!

One question I have is sound.  I was concerned that the sound from the individual clips would be discontinuous…but I overlayed some music that came with Corel Video Studio and magically it all seemed to work out really well. I don’t know if I just

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50 Ways to Shoot One Thing (p. 140)

From How To Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, Page 140

Imagine this video:  At a retail in-store appearance in Hollywood, the costumed movie superhero steps out of the limo and walks through the store.

Shot from adult height, we see the character shake hands with the store manager and the tops of heads of children as we pass by. But if we kneel down to child level, suddenly we’re in another world. We see kids’ faces light up as this cartoon-come-to-life walks past, their anguish as they decide whether to approach, and their joy when they finally get a … Read the rest

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