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Obsession = Great Video

By Nov 10, 2010May 14th, 2015Leave a comment

I often wonder if an idea I have for a film or video will be interesting to people.  The answer always seems to be the same:  If I find an idea that I’m willing to really commit to, to go all out to get it done in a way that really interests ME, then invariably others will also find it interesting.

Case in point:  Pogo, an Australian artists who remixes popular films into techno song and video—both of which are spectacular.  You may not like techno, (or like me, you may not be able to even imagine the kind of tedious work it takes to produce a piece like this) but the finished piece itself is astounding.

When we pour our passions (or our obsessions) out on the table for the world to see, people respond.

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