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Hot Webcam Rant

I admit it.  I like this guy.

Philip DeFranco’s style of humor may not be yours– I think he’s pretty funny– but we can both admire his production style in this hot webcam rant.

If you’re doing a webcam rant, take some lessons from Phil:

1)  Write it— at least an outline– so you can make your points clearly.  DeFranco’s a news analyst, so he’s not only written his jokes, he had to do research to put his video together.  It shows.

2)  Decide on a look.  He’s got a smarmy home set in bold colors, against which he is visible.  He lights himself well, too, so we can see him.

3) Edit:  He cuts in interesting photos and news stories.  He cuts out anything boring.  Including breaths, fumbles, and performances he doesn’t like.  The result is a very hot, cutty style that works.

4)  Frame it:  DeFranco’s produced intro and outro (very short!) let you know what you’re watching right away.


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