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Great take on the “50 Ways” Exercise. Your Turn.

By Feb 06, 2013August 20th, 2020One Comment

This video was my take on your “50 Ways to Shoot My Daughter Doing Homework” exercise. In addition to shooting from as many different angles as I could, I tried some of the other things I have been learning in your book: telling a little story, keeping the shots and the finished piece short, and editing to music. It was also my first attempt at shooting with a monopod and using Premiere to edit.

What do you think?


PS:  It would be great if you had a place like a facebook page or youtube channel for people to show off what they learned from your book (or is there a place already that I don’t know about?)

Great job, Mike!  You added a nice, simple little story to the exercise about shooting different video angles, and it works well.  And your daughter is very cute.

Have you tried this exercise yet?  Go here for my version, then watch Mike’s take below.  (Important Note:  You do NOT have to have a daughter or an art project to do this exercise!)

Feel free to post your finished video to my facebook page.  Yes, I’ll be curating, so please don’t post “50 ways to sell my multi-level-marketing miracle cleaner” or whatever the porn version of that is.

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One Comment

  • Lilia says:

    that is so good! Really inspiring work Mike! I'm now officially sold on this exercise! I just got a monopod for Christmas, inspired to use it too!

    A question – where did you find the music? it suits the video so well!

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