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The Devils Ride and the Big Apple

By May 04, 20122 Comments

This post consists entirely of self-serving news.  Exciting news, but self-serving nonetheless. Those who wonder when we people in the entertainment business will just shut up about ourselves can look here to find something else to read.


I’m executive producing a new show for the Discovery Channel that debuts this Tuesday, May 8 at 10pm. It’s called The Devils Ride, and it’s about a San Diego Motorcycle Club. Here’s the cool Discovery Promo.  If you crave more info and can’t wait for Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive three minute sneak preview.

Vimeo Festival + Awards

I’ll be doing a cool new workshop on storytelling at the Vimeo Festival + Awards on June 9th in New York City.  The festival starts on the 8th, and features great parties, awards, screenings and lots of other video workshops.

I’m still writing the workshop but I’m pretty sure it’s about how to find the story in your video and why finding one makes your video more intriguing to an audience.  Even if it doesn’t have, say, a bunch of hard-ass bikers in it.

Should be fun- see you there!


  • Spirit Your Style says:

    A workshop in story-telling sounds great, wish I could make that one. Your book is really phenomenal, and I recommended it to so many people already! Can you recommend a resource for interviewing on media?

    • steve says:

      Can you recommend a resource for interviewing on media?

      Not actually sure I understand what you mean. If you’re looking for tips on doing interviews, there are articles here and here you can check out!

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