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New Business Video Vocabulary Word: “Choddy”

By Jan 24, 2012January 31st, 20122 Comments

I got a great question from blog fan “Jaye” which I’m saving for a bit later.  But in his letter, he referred to a “choddy.” I try to stay up on film and video jargon, but this was a new one to me.  Being a naturally curious and jargon-hating sort, I googled it–

And found  It turns out “choddy” is a somewhat-used term to describe an immediately familiar style of testimonial video– the same ad copy read straight to camera by multiple actors, in a sincere tone of voice.

As for “stop the choddy”?  I’ll let them explain their mission statement in the video below.  I immediately sat down and wrote them a $1000 check to support the cause.  Okay, I didn’t.  But I might have if it was a real organization.


  • Mike says:

    This is hilarious! I have seen these for years and never realized it was such a phenomenon. I love that criteria #8 is including Whoppi Goldberg.! (you have to go their site to check out all the criteria for a "Choddy")

    Thanks for sharing.

  • adam g says:

    LOL-people have too much time on their hands…I haven't checked the site but….if you can't get paid to say Diarrea their is a problem nor more than 1,000 ..Thx Steve.

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