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Blogworld: the happiest place on earth!

By Oct 14, 2011October 16th, 20112 Comments

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s “Disney World”. No matter. For three days, Blogworld and New Media Expo will be the happiest place on earth as thousands of bloggers pack the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-5 for an uncharacteristic weekend of extroversion (Have you ever told a joke to a group of bloggers?  I have.  You land the punchline and it sounds like “click click click tap tap tap”.  “I heard your speech went well, Steve” someone said later.  “How would I know?” I asked.  Turns out you have to read the tweets.  But I digress…)

If you’re a blogger interested in using more video, you might want to check out my session Friday November 4 at 3pm.  Not surprisingly, it’s called “How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck:  10 Things Bloggers Need to Know.”   Who knows, if I’m feeling really frisky, I may go to 11.  Or even 12!

A great lineup of pretty cutting edge types speaking besides, um, me.  Interested?  Of course you are.  Want 20% off when you sign up just because you know me?  Naturally!  Use this cool VIP code: BWEVIP20

And see you there!


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