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Don’t Shoot Video in Real Time

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One of the best arguments for shooting short shots in your videos:  If you run the camera non-stop, watching your video later will take the same amount of time as it did to shoot.  You’ll need an extra lifetime just to watch it all. In ten years, will you want to look at all 90 minutes of your 6 year-old’s ballet recital? Family videos are about memories.  Still photos capture them in a single frame.  Do you need a 90 minute video of anything? When you shoot video, shoot short shots that capture the essence of the story.  You’ll love…

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Why Shoot Better Video?

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Why shoot better video?  A history lesson: All technology starts in the “Gee Whiz” stage.  That’s where you get points just for having something that can do that…whatever it is.  The first working escalator was installed at Coney Island as a tourist attraction.  Yet today you hardly ever hear someone say, “Let’s go to the mall!  They have escalators!” And once upon a time streaming video on the web was so amazing that people would watch anything. Sure, the video was amateurishly shot, and it was smeary and flash-y and didn’t look that great, but hey!  It was video!  And…

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Rethinking Business Videos

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The web accelerates cultural trends.  Movies took almost 30 years to transition entirely to color.  TV took about 5 to go from black & white to color, and more recently took 6 years to transition to HD.  Web video was born in color, and HD is the norm now. If you did business videos a few years back, you need to upgrade.  It would be nice to imagine that the videos you created for next to nothing a couple of years ago will continue to work.  But they won’t, for the same reason that most 1980s TV shows and 1940s…

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Hot Webcam Rant

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I admit it.  I like this guy. Philip DeFranco’s style of humor may not be yours– I think he’s pretty funny– but we can both admire his production style in this hot webcam rant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CzSqijeWIA&feature=topvideos If you’re doing a webcam rant, take some lessons from Phil: 1)  Write it— at least an outline– so you can make your points clearly.  DeFranco’s a news analyst, so he’s not only written his jokes, he had to do research to put his video together.  It shows. 2)  Decide on a look.  He’s got a smarmy home set in bold colors, against which he…

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Make Your Video Sound Great

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Sound brings video to life– a gunshot isn’t really scary without a big bang. This great video from Soundworkscollection.com shows how sound effects are added to movies.  There are a lot of great ideas you can adapt and  apply to your video sound (even if your videos don’t have horses in them.) Check out these posts for more: Video Sound in a Loud Room Is there a fix for trying to get decent video sound in a loud room… Fixing Audio Cuts Dear Steve– I am reading your book and have an urgent question about sound. I’ll… Making Your Video Sound…

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Video Changes Society

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Chris Anderson from TED gives a great talk on how video can effect what he calls “Crowd Accelerated Innovation”– how a group of people who share a common interest can show off their best efforts and desire for innovation on video, and accelerate real change. TED videos are shot simply but elegantly.  They’re almost always clear and easy to watch.  And each one is 18 minutes long.  Worth the time. Check out these posts for more: Just Don’t: 6 Ways NOT to Shoot Video Interviews I’ve written a lot about how to shoot video interviewsbut not a lot about how……

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What video camera should I buy? 5 Questions to Ask

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People love to worry about equipment, as if the right camera will take a more interesting video than the wrong camera. It won’t. You can shoot a great movie on your cell phone, and a bad one on an IMAX rig.

Manufacturers release a new video camera every 27 seconds and everyone’s needs are different. Rather than recommend cameras, let’s list the questions you should ask yourself when shopping:

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Obsession = Great Video

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I often wonder if an idea I have for a film or video will be interesting to people.  The answer always seems to be the same:  If I find an idea that I’m willing to really commit to, to go all out to get it done in a way that really interests ME, then invariably others will also find it interesting. Case in point:  Pogo, an Australian artists who remixes popular films into techno song and video—both of which are spectacular.  You may not like techno, (or like me, you may not be able to even imagine the kind of…

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