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One Simple Idea

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The best videos focus on one simple idea. That doesn’t mean they’re dull or boring, just that what you remember when it’s over is clear and easy and focused. Case in point:  This very funny new video from Social Media Week, a global media conference happening all over the world this week. The single clear idea:  Social Media Week helps you see the future of social media. Nicely shot, well acted and directed, and an idea that demands numerous sequels. Hey!  Are you following me on Twitter?  I’m thinking perhaps you should.  @SteveStockman Check out these posts for more: Getting from Idea…

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Video and Travel and Beer and Non-Profits

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***UPDATE 2/15:  If you’re in the neighborhood and want to come out, RSVP by email: info (at) stevestockman.com and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in. Travel and Beer I’ll be appearing with Patricia Schultz, author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die in a cool we-just-made-this-up “Video and Travel” talk and book signing February 17.  Better still, we’re going to be at Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, the home of Anchor Steam Beer. There’ll be post-talk complimentary tastings and tours of the Anchor Brewery too.  Anchor tours are a tough ticket in their own right– if…

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How to Do Great Talking Head Videos

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Do you have an example of a great talking head video with no external b-roll? And not a choddy, or multiple talking heads edited into one video. But a true, single person, talking head video– that’s interesting? Not all businesses can afford big production companies. Any ideas? –Jaye Excellent question, Jaye*, but to answer it, I need to start by questioning your premise: You imply that there aren’t more great talking head videos because of a shortage of money.  But the truth is that the reason there aren’t more of them is because of a shortage of talent. Unfortunately, not everyone is interesting…

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Too Shy to Shoot Video?

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In about a week and a half I have to go to my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I’m planning on shooting some video. I’m somewhat nervous about it since I want to do some fun shots but I don’t want to overshadow the event. I read in your book that most people are used to phones and point and shoot cameras being around. But I still feel that getting some of the good shots might feel intrusive. Help! –Billy First, a reality check.  Unless you’re shooting naked while hanging from a light fixture above the food table, it will be almost impossible for you to overshadow…

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New Business Video Vocabulary Word: “Choddy”

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I got a great question from blog fan “Jaye” which I’m saving for a bit later.  But in his letter, he referred to a “choddy.” I try to stay up on film and video jargon, but this was a new one to me.  Being a naturally curious and jargon-hating sort, I googled it– And found stopthechoddy.org.  It turns out “choddy” is a somewhat-used term to describe an immediately familiar style of testimonial video– the same ad copy read straight to camera by multiple actors, in a sincere tone of voice. As for “stop the choddy”?  I’ll let them explain their…

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Making Great iPhone Video

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Steve Krafft, a veteran Phoenix TV reporter and good friend, submits this guest post on shooting great iPhone video — then puts his reputation where his mouth is by showing you one!   If you have an iPhone 4 or the new 4s, and you’re using the techniques in How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck you will find it easy to fill your phone with lots of great video clips. You’ll have a rich assortment of angles and perspectives. You will have natural sound on your video. The raw material is there to produce something truly memorable. So what do…

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5 Questions to Focus on Your Video’s Story

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I’m attaching a link to my bike video. I had fun shooting it, but feel like something is missing in the final version.  Your thoughts? Richard   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3zeWn1Cjrs It looks like you had fun, Richard. The shots look great. But to make them more interesting, try linking them to some kind of story. Without a story, the biking images are just that– images.  They start to feel repetitive after a bit.  We’re watching nice eye candy, but the brain attached to our eyes starts to wonder what it all means.  We want to know what’s going on. Who’s involved. What…

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The Recital: Short Shots vs. Parental Love

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Recently I was asked to shoot the piano recital of my friend’s seven-year-old. Her total performance time (including walking on stage, playing, and bowing and exiting) was just about 2 minutes. I get your advice about short shots, but how can you tell parents that you’re only going to give them 10-second clips of their daughter’s performance? Is this a case where you have to bend the rules … what good is capturing a musical performance if you don’t get the entire song? Unfortunately I only had one camera (and one me) so I couldn’t get multiple shots from different angles to edit together later. –Deb In art,…

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If at First You Don’t Succeed, Chuck It and Try Something Else

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Along with my partners at Redtail Media, I just completed a series of videos for the new Anchor Brewing website.  They’re the folks who brew Anchor Steam Beer.  To tell the story of their Bock Beer, we decided to bring a goat to the brewery (Why a goat?  See the video.) A “film goat” would probably actually be three or more identical goats– one to “baaah” on command, one to go up stairs, one to stop on the right mark, etc.  That kind of training costs thousands and takes weeks.  To save time and a few bucks (okay, a lot of bucks) our producer found…

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Intent in Action

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Let’s approach this lesson on “intent in action” backward.  Before you watch this great video from singer/songwriter Kina Grannis watch the “making of” video below (I promise you’ll still like the video when we get to it) Notice that over the two years it took to make, Kina and her team don’t spend time talking about “sales” or “downloads” or “viral”– all things that distract from the creation of a video. Instead, they focus on their intent— their vision and its desired impact on the audience. Now that you know what they were trying to do, here’s the video. Great video, great…

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