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A Business Video Advantage?

It’s common wisdom that technological leads are always short-lived. They are. But a “great video” advantage isn’t technological.  Entertainment value and quality video are not commodities. An entertainment advantage builds a business brand in a way that’s not easily overcome.

Brands are proprietary.  Once we establish formats and personalities that work for a brand, they’re ours to grow. Nobody can steal Lady Gaga’s video image.  Nobody can steal Blend-Tec’s Blender brand identity.

And nobody can steal Bounty’s white-nerd-scientist-paper-towel-rappers. “Would they want to?” is an open question, but hundreds of thousands of people have watched each video in this series– and they’re pretty cheesy/funny/catchy.

Millions of voluntary exposures to a strong, well integrated message?  I’d call that a nice competitive advantage for Bounty.

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