Too Shy to Shoot Video?

In about a week and a half I have to go to my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I’m planning on shooting some video. I’m somewhat nervous about it since I want to do some fun shots but I don’t want to overshadow the event.

I read in your book that most people are used to phones and point and shoot cameras being around. But I still feel that getting some of the good shots might feel intrusive. Help!


First, a reality check.  Unless you’re shooting naked while hanging from a light fixture above the food table, it will be almost … Read the rest

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New Business Video Vocabulary Word: “Choddy”

I got a great question from blog fan “Jaye” which I’m saving for a bit later.  But in his letter, he referred to a “choddy.” I try to stay up on film and video jargon, but this was a new one to me.  Being a naturally curious and jargon-hating sort, I googled it–

And found  It turns out “choddy” is a somewhat-used term to describe an immediately familiar style of testimonial video– the same ad copy read straight to camera by multiple actors, in a sincere tone of voice.

As for “stop the choddy”?  I’ll let them … Read the rest

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