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10 Things Bloggers Need to Know about Video

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Blogworld and New Media Expo rolls into the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-5 for an exciting weekend that I understand is being filmed for “Nerdy Introverts Gone Wild” on Spike.  Or maybe not.

If you’re a blogger interested in using more video, you might want to check out my session Friday November 4 at 3pm.  Not surprisingly, it’s called “How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck:  10 Things Bloggers Need to Know.”   Who knows, if I’m feeling really frisky, I may go to 11.  Or even 12!

Register!  Attend!  Use this cool VIP code and save 20%: BWEVIP20

If you can’t make it (or feel the need to study in advance) here are just a few of the tips I’ll be discussing:

10 Things Bloggers MUST Know about Video:

1. Entertain or Die:  Nobody watches bad video.  There are too many instantly available alternatives.

2.  Video is about the audience.  If they’re not interested, they won’t watch.  If they don’t watch, you might as well not have made the video.

3.  Never confuse what you want with what the audience wants.  They have their own needs. Their needs determine how they behave, not yours.

4.  The Entertainment Transaction:  The audience pays (with time or money) the entertainment must deliver (with an experience).

5. A Viral Video is a “hit”—it’s as tough to make as a hit record, hit TV show, or hit movie.  Unless you have awesome video skills, consistently good video is worth more than a strategy that hinges on “viral”.

6. Video done right works.  It can increase the size of your loyal audience, or increase the participation/affiliation of your existing audience.  Or both.

7.  Make sure what you have to say is really a video. No charts.

8.  Find the story in your videos.  Hero, beginning, middle, end.

9.  Remember the Rubbermaid Rule. Keep your video short.

10.  Welcome to the Entertainment Industry. Like it or not, you’re competing with all videos for attention.  Make sure your videos are worth watching.



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